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The Project

«Les Marcheurs de Montréal» is a podcast series which offers to discover the city with a bag filled with objects in order to make connections to given areas.

The walking tours allow you to observe the city at your own pace, be they at the urban, ethnographic or imaginary level. We would like to expand our project and reach out to the heart of as many neighborhoods and districts as possible, and thus give rise to a long-lasting cultural and historical experience.

Each story, between fact and fiction, is inspired by residents’ proper experiences and memories. They define and highlight the beliefs, eras and the contradictions of the city’s neighborhoods. A two-character soundtrack directs the course: The city’s voice gives directions to follow and serves as an historical and direction guide while the other character becomes your new friend you just accidentally met and accompanies you throughout the journey. He represents in fact the many residents of the city and its tales and stories. The tour experience is enhanced by a musical soundtrack, mingling with ambient sounds, creating a specific atmosphere proper to the soul of the neighborhood. The bag in the image of the character reveals objects associated with specific areas and also serves to punctuate the stories and make the experience interactive.

«Les Marcheurs de Montréal» wishes to archive the immaterial history of the neighborhoods. Through its urban tales, the journeys allow to consolidate local public memories, thus allowing to rethink and imagine our living environment.