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The Creators

Élodie and Marzia are two artists who express themselves through staging. Authentic, perfectionist and true jack-of-all-trades, they thrive in the world of design, arts and events.

Marzia is a scenographer, film decorator and production designer who wishes to explore new avenues of design and step out of fiction to get in touch with people.

Élodie is a scenographer and interior designer who wishes to develop her artistic universe and define her own identity.

They met in 2017 at the DESS in event design at UQAM University. Mandated to highlight the contrasts of the city of Montreal, they both share their questioning of the bustling city life and event over-consumption.

Without realizing it, they gave birth to «Les Marcheurs de Montréal», a counterbalance between mass event culture, a return to the hidden treasures of the living environments that surround us and to the gentleness and poetry of everyday life.

«Les Marcheurs de Montréal» is an imaginary gap in the daily paths, a place to wander, contemplate and daydream.